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CruiTek, IT Recruiter, Renewable Recruitment, Solar, Infrastructure

CruiTek  /kruːˈtɛk/ (pronounced kroo-tek)  : A specialized Recruiting firm providing top talent in Tech, Renewable, and other industries nationwide.

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 Areas of Expertise 

Infrastructure recruiter, solar recruitment, finance

  IT Infrastructure / Support  

From Systems Administrators and Engineers to Cloud Architects and Security Experts, our expertise spans the IT infrastructure landscape. Whether you need help desk support or field technicians, we've got you covered.

  Executive Search / IT Leadership 

Our extensive network includes seasoned professionals such as CIOs, CTOs, VPs of IT, Directors of IT, IT Managers, and Software Development Managers. Trust us to identify and place top IT leaders who will drive your organization's success.

 Renewable & Clean Energy 

Embrace the future of energy with talent for solar farms, wind farms, battery storage projects, and green technology initiatives. Our network extends to experts in Net-Zero solutions and large-scale rooftop solar installations.

 Database / Software / Web 

Unlock the potential of your projects with our Database Developers, DevOps specialists, Business Intelligence Analysts, and Software/Web/UI developers. Quality Assurance is guaranteed with our dedicated QA engineers.

  Mortgage / Banking  

Navigate the complexities of mortgage and banking with confidence. From DE/VA Underwriters to Loan Processors and Closers, our placements ensure efficiency and compliance in your operations.

  Sales  / Account Managers 

Drive revenue growth with top-performing Business Development Reps, Sales Reps, and Account Managers. We understand the nuances of commission and bonus structures, enabling us to identify and secure the best talent for your team.

Recruiting Services

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Contract Resources

CruiTek provides Contract or Contract-to-Hire resources allowing companies to use skilled workers without the burden of payroll, taxes, or benefits. We handle all the back office work for you along with finding your specific skillset needed.


Direct Placement

CruiTek specializes in recruiting the right individual to your specific job opening.  Direct Hire placement brings the best talent to your company matching the skillset, experience, and culture you desire to grow your company.

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Industry Specialists

CruiTek has over 30 years of combined recruiting experience spanning various industries including in IT Infrastructure, Solar/Renewables, Executive Search, Finance/Mortgage, Manufacturing, Sales, among many others.


Contact Us


​4501 Charlotte Ave #90719
Nashville, TN 37209

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