Our Story

CruiTek  kroo-tek /  was founded in April of 2017 with a mission to provide a seamless recruiting experience to clients needing technical resources. Started in Nashville, TN, CruiTek derived its name by combining its two main areas of expertise: Recruiting and Technology.  

Drawing upon previous experience, the founder began the company by targeting Nashville contacts and candidates to fill niche technical requirements in a challenging and competitive candidate-driven job market.  With Nashville's IT unemployment rate at under 1%, the demand for quality, skilled IT professionals was and is harder than ever before. 


CruiTek was able to find initial and continued success by believing and executing these key values: 

  • Developing a relationship with the client hiring manager to learn their company culture, technology environment, and most significant areas needing improvement.

  • Recruiting top resources that match these needs, qualifying each potential fit thoroughly, and submitting only the top 2-3 candidates to the client for each requirement.

  • Developing an ongoing relationship with these candidates during the submittal, interview, hiring, and placement process.  This includes providing complimentary coaching for resumes, interviews, and onsite consulting to ensure the best experience on both the client and candidate side.

By executing these values consistently, CruiTek has been able to partner with some excellent Nashville clients, and it has helped expand CruiTek to a nationwide footprint with consultants placed across the US including Atlanta, GA; Denver, CO; Cincinnati, OH; and Tampa, FL.  It has proven that with an opportunity to work directly with the IT hiring resource, there are no geographical or size limits to CruiTek's target client.

CruiTek has now began to organically focus on Solution and Consulting Firms that work with larger organizations to provide technology solutions. While most Consulting Firms have a bench of technical resources, their clients often have inquiries outside of these general technologies and need niche resources during those projects.  In this regard, CruiTek can quickly identify and provide qualified consultants, allowing firms to white label these consultants as their own during a project.  CruiTek will be responsible for payrolling and onboarding these consultants and will only invoice upon approved client hours.  Recent examples of successful resources placed in this capacity are F5 Network Engineers, Palo Alto Firewall Specialists, Cisco Route / Switch Engineers, Active Directory Migration Engineers, Business Intelligence Developers, SharePoint Developers, and many more.  The main point is that CruiTek can find these resources quickly and allow firms to create their client's SOWs around the entire solution package without worrying if they will have the resources available.


In addition to this model, CruiTek still excels in helping with Direct Placements for clients needing full-time IT resources to join their team.  We are flexible to direct hire or contract-to-hire terms; whatever makes the most sense for your business.  Recent successes here have been placing a Director of Infrastructure and Director of Data Integration.  Again, any skill set can be identified and recruited upon based on our opportunity to learn what is needed.

As CruiTek grows and works with more clients in Nashville and nationwide, the core values and simplicity of our operation will remain the same.  We are excited for the opportunity to continue helping companies improve their business with the right people, and we love nothing more than hearing the excitement in our candidate's voice when they accept the job of their dreams.

Thank you for your interest.



Matt Frederick, Owner

© 2017 by CruiTek

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